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ITA Committees

IT Leadership Council (ITLC)

This committee provides leadership in the development and implementation of Idaho's Information Technology Strategic Plan Goals.

ITLC Charter (Revised 4/20/2021)


Mike Langrell, CHAIR, Idaho Military Division
Jon Spence, VICE CHAIR, Idaho Division of Liquor
Alvino Artalejo, Dept. of Health & Welfare
Brett Richard, Dept. of Labor
Marc Norton, Idaho Tax Commission
Brian Smith, Governor's Office of IT Services
Terry Ford, State Controller's Office
Kaylene Hoyt, State Dept. of Education 
Matt Merrell, Health Districts Representative
Mark McMinn, Dept. of Lands
Steven Higgins, Idaho State Police
Mark McKinney, Idaho Transportation Dept.
Adam Zaragoza, Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Michele Tomlinson, Dept. of Correction
Jen Dvorak, State Supreme Court
Dan Thornock, Dept of Fish & Game
VACANT, Dept. of Insurance

Unless otherwise noted, regularly scheduled meetings are held bi-monthly on the third Tuesday of even months at 1:30 pm MT.


Idaho Geospatial Council
- Executive Committee (IGC-EC)

This committee provides policy-level direction and promotes efficient and effective use of resources for matters related to geographic information.

Idaho Statewide Lidar Plan (approved July 19, 2018) - To contact the Idaho Lidar Consortium, visit
Idaho Geospatial Council Bylaws (revised January 2018)
State GIS Strategic Plan (effective 12/6/2016)


Idaho Geospatial Information Officer
VACANT, Information Technology Services/Idaho Geospatial Office
INSIDE Geospatial Clearinghouse
Bruce Godfrey University of Idaho (208) 292-1407
USGS Liaison
Tom Carlson U.S. Geological Survey (253) 552-1682
GIS Training and Research Center
Keith Weber Idaho State University (208) 282-2757

State Government Representatives
SEAT 1 Sydney Lewis Idaho Transportation Department (208) 334-8225
SEAT 2 Wilma Robertson (CHAIR) Office of IT Services
Federal Representatives
SEAT 3 Eric Buehler, USDA NRCS, (208) 378-5673 
SEAT 4 Dan Determan, NOAA National Geodetic Survey, (206) 526-6874
Local Government Representatives
SEAT 5 Jackie Malloy City of Chubbuck
SEAT 6 Betty Conces Kootenai County (208) 446-1565
SEAT 7 Kelly Green Blaine County (208) 788-5560
Tribal Representative
SEAT 8 Laurie Ames Nez Perce Tribe (208) 621-3718
Utility Representative
SEAT 9 Shane Lim Suez Water (208) 362-7352
Private Sector Representative
SEAT 10 Jan Cunningham Esri (909) 793-2853, ext. 4363
Open Representatives
SEAT 11 Jeff May Dept. of Fish and Game (208) 236-1249
SEAT 12 Pam Bond City of Boise (208) 972-8001

Unless otherwise noted, regularly scheduled meetings are held bi-monthly on the third Thursday at 9:30am MT during odd months.


Access Idaho Steering Committee

This committee provides oversight of Idaho e-Government applications such as licensing, filing and renewals. At committee meetings, the State's "portal" contractor briefs the committee on current and future projects.  Following the briefings, the public sector members vote on any action items or documents related to current projects.

There are a variety of service offerings from Access Idaho that are available to state agencies.


Robert Butler, CHAIR, Governor's Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) (208) 605-4011
Chad Houck, Secretary of State's Office (208) 332-2862
Dave Tolman, Idaho Transportation Dept.(208) 334-8525

Lisa Hettinger, Dept. of Health and Welfare

Non-voting member: Jeff Walker, Idaho Information Consortium General Manager (Access Idaho Project) (208) 332-0102

Unless otherwise noted, regularly scheduled meetings are held monthly on the fourth Thursday.


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